Singaporean couples wishing to adopt a baby need to have obtained their HSR (Home Study Report) before they are eligible to adopt a baby/child. Please do not delay doing your HSR as it will take more than 2 months to complete it. HSR is a mandatory regulation by MCYS (Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports) for prospective adoptive couples to obtain prior to adopting. For Singaporeans who are eligible for both Foreign and Local Adoptions, they can adopt Pure Chinese, Indian and Mixed race (Upon request only) babies according to their ethnicity from Malaysia through Lotus Child Adoption Agency International.


For foreigners working and living in Singapore under Permanent Resident-ship, Employment Pass (EP) and Dependent Pass (DP); depending on your nationality and embassy regulations, you may be eligible for Local Adoption only. Please do drop us an e-mail to check whether you are eligible for either Local adoption or Foreign adoption. If you are eligible for only Local Adoption, you will need to be added to our waiting list, as the rate of Local babies being given up for adoption in Singapore is very low, than in comparison with Foreign babies.