Lotus Child Adoption Agency International does both Local and Foreign Adoptions. We ensure that all our potential clients fully understand, and have all their doubts cleared about the adoption procedures, before they decide to go ahead with adopting a child into their family.

We guide couples through the process of obtaining the “Home Study Report”, also known as the HSR. Once the Home Study Report is obtained by the couple, they can begin to select an adoptive child to their preferences.
We allow couples to select only healthy babies that are medically cleared by by their own preferred Paediatricians or Doctors.

Alternatively, they can also approach any of the paediatricians and doctors that our agency recommends. Our babies range from as young as a few days old (New Born) to 3 years of age. Medical documents of the baby and relevant medical histories of the biological parents will be provided to the adoptive parents.
A legally prepared document, “Agreement to Adoption” will be signed by both the adoptive parents and the adoption agency.

This Legal document facilitates a better understanding and agreement between the adoptive couples and the adoption agent. All adoption documents pertaining to adoption that are required for submission to the Court of Singapore will be done by us. We provide full documentation for the adoptive parents during the adoption process.

We also allow payments for the adoption to be given in interest-free installments, and provide all necessary follow-up services until the birth certificate of the adopted child is issued to the adoptive parents. Throughout the course of adoption with us, and even after adopting a child through our adoption company, you can rest assured that we place 100% confidentiality in all over adoption cases.

Legal services for the adoption procedures are provided by Kurup and Boo Solicitors.

Our Adoption Services in Summary:

I. Free consultation on the procedures of child adoption.

II. Assistance in the obtaining of HSR (Home Study Report).

III. Full documentation of the adoptive child and biological parents' medical histories and all relevant data.

IV. Medical clearance of child in Singapore before bringing back home by adoptive parents.

V. All legal proceedings and paperwork done in Singapore for adoption.

VI. Close guidance to adoptive parents on parenthood issues.