Matthew and Margaret Wong adopted a healthy Chinese baby boy through Lotus Child Adoption Agency International. They speak of their experience with Lotus Child Adoption Agency, and the wonderful new addition in their lives.

Matthew and Margaret Wong: “We are extremely pleased by the utmost efficiency and professionalism of Lotus Child Adoption Agency. We are very glad to have taken the step in adopting our son, Joseph through this trusted agency. Joseph has made our lives meaningful. We look forward to coming home from work everyday, and seeing him rush to embrace us. We cannot express the joy of parenthood in just mere words. We have also become closer together as a married couple. Our weekends have changed drastically, and with little Joseph around, our weekends are always something to look forward to. He is the joy of our lives, and we are very grateful to Lotus child Adoption Agency and Alice, for giving our lives a new meaning”.

In early October last year, Sathish and Kavitha Kumarasamy had adopted their second baby girl through Lotus Child Adoption Agency. They describe their adoption process, and the joys of having 2 daughters, both who were adopted through our adoption agency.

Sathish and Kavitha Kumarasamy: “Initially, we thought that the adoption process was very tedious and a great hassle. But, we were proved very wrong. Under the expertise of Lotus Child Adoption Agent, Alice Kaveree, we not only have adopted one child, but two girls. Both of them are absolutely beautiful girls, and we pamper them to the best of our abilities. We could see that Alice was very experienced, having been in this field since 1995. Child Adoption was a breeze for us under the guidance of Alice. We were able to adopt our eldest daughter in no time, and adopting our second daughter took us an even shorter lapse of time. Alice clearly explained every step of the adoption procedures to us and was very patient in clearing all our doubts pertaining to child adoption. She presented herself in a very friendly and approachable manner, and we are very glad to have adopted two wonderful girls through her. We were able to celebrate Deepavali with our youngest daughter last year, and all our friends and relatives are very happy for us. Selvi, our eldest daughter is very thrilled to have Amutha around. She makes it a point to caress Amutha’s cheeks whenever she passes by her cot. Finally, we are absolutely thankful to Alice. Without her, we would not have found a true meaning in our lives".

Mohammad Faizal and Fazeelah adopted a Malay baby boy in September 2006. They talk about their adoption of Haikal, their son, through Lotus Child Adoption Agency, and how he has changed their lives drastically, for the better.

Mohammad Faizal and Fazeelah: “We are very impressed with the level of professionalism and profound efficiency of Lotus Child Adoption Agency. We would definitely recommend anyone who is unable to conceive a child, to not hesitate and go ahead with adopting a child from this reputable agency. Our life is complete with Haikal. Haikal means more to us than anything else in the world. We are thinking of adopting a daughter from Lotus child Adoption Agency very soon. The charges of this agency are very reasonable. We were given approval very fast, and we were able to adopt Haikal the following week after we got our Home Study Report. The procedures are not complicated at all, and Alice was really wonderful to work with. Her explanations are very detailed and concise. She always made it a point to ask us whether we had any questions, before proceeding further on. Thank you Alice, for being so patient with us, and making our lives complete with Haikal”.

Melissa Gomez, an unmarried working adult adopted a baby girl from Lotus Child Adoption Agency without facing any form of hassle. She desired to have a child; a daughter. Her desires were fulfilled in late Nov 2007, when she approached Lotus Child Adoption Agency. Melissa now has an adorable daughter Janet, who turns 1 this year.

Melissa Gomez: “Having experienced relationship downturns, I decided that I had lost all interest in getting married. However, I wanted a child to call mine. That is when I approached Lotus Child Adoption Agency. I was afraid that I might not be able to adopt a baby since I was unmarried. However, Alice assured me that it was perfectly alright, and that I was eligible for the adoption of a baby daughter, given my job status and a substantial salary. Janet is truly a darling, and my parents are exceptionally fond of her. The adoption procedures are relatively easy, and I am extremely glad that I decided to go ahead with adoption. Turning 1 this year, Janet has made my previously empty life, turn into a meaningful one. I am absolutely thrilled with Janet, and she is adored by everyone. My heartfelt thanks go to Lotus Child Adoption Agency, and Alice, for making me a much happier person”.