Qn: What is the background of the adoptive child, and what are the reasons that the child is given up for adoption by the natural parents?

A: Most of the children that are given up for adoption come from single mums who are unable to support the child financially.On top of that, some of these children come from families which face great financial constraints, which are unable to feed another mouth.

Qn: Are these adoptive children and their biological parents healthy?

A: We ensure that a complete medical test is done on the adoptive child, before it is given up for adoption to adoptive couples, and we will also extract any medical records pertaining to the biological parents, to make sure that they do not have any form of genetic/ heredity diseases which could have been passed on to the child.

Qn: After selecting the child, how long does the adoption process take?

A: A 9-month validity dependant pass will be issued by MCYS, and on our part, we will complete the adoption process between a time frame of 4 to 6 months, which consists of the Legal approval of the adoption in the Subordinate Courts of Singapore.

Qn: What will be stated in the new birth certificate?

A: A suitable name of the adopted child, given by the adopted parents will be reflected on the new birth certificate, with the adoptive parents’ particulars reflected as the natural parents of the child.

Qn: Can an adoptive couple, adopt more than one child?

A: Of course, they can do so, as long as their first adopted child’s adoption process is completed.

Qn: What if I already have my own natural child, can I still adopt?

A: You can adopt a child even when you have your own natural children, when you are no longer able to conceive any children on your own, supported with relevant medical documents.